Dark Magic Winter cont’d…

Dark Magic Winter, brought to you by ZombiePopcorn, is now open and will run through December 15th.  There’s 54 stores participating and each of them have made at least one new and exclusive item for sale only at the event.  As I said in my first post, there is a lot to see both in the stores and the build itself so keep coming back until you see it all.

Skin – Ci Co @ DMW  Snow Angel  I THINK all 3 tones are being sold together, I’m wearing paprika.  I love the silver at the corner of the eyes, good for Christmas and the rest of the year. (IceCap Isle)

Jewelry – Finesmith @ DMW  Winter Flower Set  Lovely silver jewelry made to look like flowers caught in ice.  Includes bracelet, necklace, and earrings (not worn).  (Tundra Town)

Dress – Sakide @ DMW  Light Winter Fairy Dress  Includes two skirt options, hair flower, and sleeves (not worn).  Available in white, black, and red.  (Tundra Town)

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard @ DMW  Xmas Eyes  I believe she’s selling all four in a pack.  You get Candy Cane, Silver Bells, Rudolph, & Mistletoe with prim eyes and even a blank prim base.  I’m pretty sure my favorite is Silver Bells, I have a thing about collecting silver/gray eyes.  All eyes in this post are from this set. (Tundra Town)

Shape – annaA @ DMW  Gwyneth  Very cute!  I have it in my head that I need a new shape so I’ve been trying them out lately.  Copy/mod, includes eyebrow shaper and styling card.  I’ll be wearing this shape in every pic unless stated otherwise.  (Tundra Town)

Hair – Truth  Luana – black & whites

Ears – Plastik  came with a skin, but she sells other types separately

Pose –  sr3d  50 Model Posepack  Thank You Ryz!  ❤ these!

And now… on to some home furnishings.

Fireplace – What Next @ DMW  The Night Before Christmas Fireplace  Rezzes as linked objects so if you need to drop some prims you can take off everything on top of the fireplace.  Includes 2 animations on both sides of the fireplace, so you can either warm your hands or roast marshmellows with a friend, marshmellow stick is in the folder. (Artic Avenue)

Pajamas – Rezlpsa Loc @ DMW  Skully Santa Feety Pajamas  Available in green and white, and include a shirt option for kiddie avs which would work for men also since there’s just less shading on the chest. (Artic Avenue)

Skin – Quarantine @ DMW  Alice (pale) – blush, freckles  Such pretty skins with a few makeups to choose from and all of them come with freckles/no freckles, cleavage/normal options. (IceCap Isle)

Hair – Elikatira  Other – essentials pack

Furniture – Mudhoney @ DMW  Dark Magic Winter Set  Includes bookcase, couch with sitting/laying animations, ottoman, and bookstacks, all copy/mod. (Tundra Town)

PlantPalais  free gift, still out as of yesterday.

And again a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to all the creators/designers!  <333333333

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