ZombiePopcorn: Dark Magic Winter

Prepare to be separated from your lindens!  Dark Magic Winter starts December 1st (at 1pm SLT) and will run through December 15th.  Each participating store, and there are a bunch, will have at least one new and exclusive item for sale at the event.  The sim is not open to the public yet, but some of us very lucky bloggers had the run of the place for two days and I still worry I missed something.  There is  A LOT to see, so many stores and the build strongly reminded me of the village in the Harry Potter books, Hogsmeade, that the kids get to shop in around Christmas time (which I’m sure was the idea).  At the main landing point there are tp signs to the three shopping areas, but they all intersect with cute lil bridges anyway, so once the lag of the first couple days is over I strongly recommend walking the entire sim and looking around.  Along with who’s selling what I’ll try to include the part of the village it’s in, but no guarantees I remembered correctly.

So, I landed there ok and was looking around enjoying myself until I got to the village square and noticed some shady characters hanging out by the ZombiePopcorn Brand carts.

No, I wasn’t talking about her, I meant the squirrel.  He was eyeing me the entire time!

Hat/Hair – Wasabi Pills @ DMW  Magician Hair  I love this hair, it’s unisex, the hat can be textured black or brown, and the band has 8 textures. (IceCap Isle)

Outfit – Severed Garden @ DMW  Cloe  This is sooo adorable and includes everything down to the lantern stick and acorns mouthie. (IceCap Isle)

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard @ DMW  Xmas Eyes  I believe she’s selling all four in a pack.  You get Candy Cane, Silver Bells, Rudolph, & Mistletoe with prim eyes and even a blank prim base.  I’m pretty sure my favorite is Silver Bells, I have a thing about collecting silver/gray eyes.  All eyes in this post are from this set. (Tundra Town)

Shape – annaA @ DMW  Gwyneth  Very cute!  I have it in my head that I need a new shape so I’ve been trying them out lately.  Copy/mod, includes eyebrow shaper and styling card.  I’ll be wearing this shape in every pic unless stated otherwise.  (Tundra Town)

SkinBlush  Winter Skin – pale for POE4 Hunt (starts December 1st)

EarsPlastik  came with a skin, but she sells other types separately

After finally losing that damn squirrel I realized he wasn’t the only one lost so I stopped and asked for directions.  Turns out that while friendly enough snowmen have no sense of direction at all.

Skin – Ci Co @ DMW  Snow Angel  I THINK all 3 tones are being sold together, I’m wearing paprika.  I love the silver at the corner of the eyes, good for Christmas and the rest of the year. (IceCap Isle)

Necklace – PurpleMoon @ DMW  Frozen Dew Set – all colors  You can see the full set in the next pic, includes necklace, bracelets, and earrings.  This set will go with almost anything since the string and beads are texture change. (Artic Avenue)

Dress – Sassy! @ DMW  Cozy Sweater  Perfect for your winter activity pics or sitting around the fireplace waiting for Santa. (Artic Avenue)

Boots – VC Designs @ DMW  Minus 9 Degrees Boots  Available in brown, black, and gray.  They look so damn warm and soft too with that fur trim.  Are these trans to rl?  =P (Artic Avenue)

Hair –  Truth  Marielle (v1) – reds  (includes 2 versions, v2 has slightly shorter bangs)

Nails – EY:NO  French Long Nails & Leo-Bow Rings (nails only)

After shopping like a mad person I just needed a moment’s rest, but as I went to prop myself against this tree I found out that even the trees are magical here.

Dress – Aliza Karu @ DMW  My Magic Winter Dress  If you want a look that will not be soon forgotten this dress is for you.  Aliza is great at creating fantastical, wearable art and this look is another winner.  Includes headpiece and hairbase. (IceCap Isle)

Skin – Quarantine @ DMW  Alice (pale) – ruby, freckles  Such pretty skins with a few makeups to choose from and all of them come with freckles/no freckles, cleavage/normal options. (IceCap Isle)

Eye makeup – Virtual Insanity @ DMW  Blair Make-up Set  Includes black, blue, green, purple, & teal. (Tundra Town)

Jewelry – PurpleMoon @ DMW  Frozen Dew Set – all colors (Artic Avenue)

Piercing – annaA  @ DMW  Magic  Includes silver, snow rose, and dark textures. (Tundra Town)

Boots – VC Designs @ DMW  Minus 9 Degrees Boots (Artic Avenue)

Nails – Virtual Insanity  Kitty Galore Sharp Claws  (8 colors, texture change)

And that’s the end of the pics I managed to sneak off the sim, but I have a lot more stuff to show so look for a second post very soon!

A HUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to all the stores that put items out for us oh so lucky bloggers!  <33333333333

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