Fun, adorable, & free

I saw a girl wearing this adorable outfit last week and she was kind enough to pass me the store LM, and it was even on a Lucky Board!  It does say on the board that it is for child avatars, but I’m not one and it fits me fine.  It is copy and mod so as long as you aren’t 6, 7, or 8 feet tall it should fit with very minor adjustments.

OutfitHAL-Kaze  Snow Witch – dogtoothviolet  Includes dress, hat, choker, and paw mittens.  Free on LB!

Skin – Al Vulo  Chen – waterdriad for Mushroom Hunting  (this hunt ends November 20th)

Piercing – Pekka  for Mushroon Hunting

EyesRepulse  Possessed Eyes for The Dirty Turkey Hunt (on until the end of the month)

RoseKosh  Crying Rose – melancholy

MakeupLa Malvada Mujer  Sibilla #1 (just the eye makeup), L. Fauna Skins  Lipstick [Blue 1]

Hair – Truth  Luana – black & white pack

Hooves/Shoes – Epic  Pocket Legwarmers – black

Pose –  sr3d  June Posepack  Thank You Ryz!  ❤ these!

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