Bringin the cuteness <3

OMG, sooooooooooo many things going on, hunts and lots of sales.  For information on hunts currently going on see my Hunt Listing page, for sales and events I recommend Seraphim since they seem to be doing a bang up job of keeping on top of things.

Now, on to the cuteness!  First is the Kawaii Boombox Backpack from Epic @ Perfect Wardrobe.  The collection here changes every two weeks so I think you have at least a few more days to try your luck at Epic’s gatcha, 10 colors to collect.  Boomboxes do emit particle music notes and include animated equalizer.

Did I mention that (red) Mint is having a sale?  No word on how long it will last, but her skins are 50% off and some of the hair is also up to 50% off, including her newest releases.  So of course I had to buy at least one, this is No. 13 in the neutrals pack.

I also hit another sale at Kosh, the sale there is 50% off EVERYTHING until November 10th!  I bought The Key Necklace there which is texture change for both the key and the cord and the Crying Rose mouthie in melancholy.

SkinAl Vulo  Chen – waterdriad for Mushroom Hunting  (this hunt ends November 20th) I LOVE this skin tone and actually hoping she does more with this tone.

ShapebS @ Onyx sim  Janey Petite for Sugar Skull Hunt (ends today)  Bravo on getting me to wear another shape besides my own.  =O

PiercingPekka  for Mushroon Hunting

EyesPlastik  Aleria Collection: Seelie – daffodil  These are still available in the box she left out for Lazy Sunday along with a TON of other eyes and a few skins for males AND females.

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

CollarFet!sh  BDSM Ring-Sation Collar – black rubber  I’ve seen this thing all over the blogs lately and it looked awesome so I bought it and guess what?  It does look that awesome on too and only $175!

ArmwarmersMaitreya  Maitreya Armwarmers – black

NailsAdoness  Basic – greyscale pack

Halter Top – no longer available

Belt – no longer available  (ZPH5 prize)

TattooTenjin  Drew Butterfly

ShortsTres Blah  Denim Cutoff Shorts – light

Stockings/Socks – League  Ella Stockings – naturals pack

BootsKookie  Armarda Long – grey

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