Tarot of Halloween: Queen of Air & Darkness

This look and description is loosely based on Queen Andais of the “Merry Gentry” series of books by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Queen of Air & Darkness (The Moon)

Queen of the Unseelie, court of misfits and nightmares, is no small feat.  She manages to keep most of their hungers at bay while letting her own darker appetites run rampant.  The dark court accepts all comers, but there is no guarantee you will survive it or her.

Horns – Rue  FoolDeux – Imp pack  Rue recently released most of her horns in the special Imp pack of colors for October only.

SkinWeird Designs  Lucinda – Forsaken for ZPH

Bloody ScratchRepulse  Clawed Eye Face Tattoo for ZPH

Eyes – n-creation  Werewolf Yellow Eyes for ZPH  (includes ghost, vampire, werewolf, & zombie eyes)

Choker – Neverm0re @ Depraved Nation Gacha Street Fair  Love-In-Idleness– wrath

HairLogo  Melissa – platinum (fat pack is still free in a gift box by the “Hair” sign)

DressMontagne Noire  Le Mort Rouge for Creepy Classics Hunt  The detail on this dress is beautiful and the skirt doesn’t fall apart whenever you walk or even dance.  There is also a male version of Le Mort Rouge in the prize so you and your date can fight over who’s best dressed at any Halloween party this year.  =P

TableNoctis  The Last Supper for ZPH  (includes table, chairs, candelabra, dishes, animations, and the serving dishes give out attachments)

Bracelets  – LouLou&Co.  Crepuscule

Shoes – Lethe  Gathering Memories for NSA3 Hunt (6 objects in all to find at the store)

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

Pose (in this last pic) –  sr3d  50 Model Posepack  Thank You Ryz!  ❤ these!

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