The Tarot of Halloween: The Emo

The Emo (The Tower)

The cynic of all cynics, nothing is ever good enough and if it is it’s too “mainstream” to admit to liking anyway.  The emo will zap the festive spirit right out of anyone around them with statements such as “I don’t know why Halloween’s such a big deal I always look like this.” or “Halloween is such a commercialized holiday now I’m not even going to celebrate it.”  Oh, and don’t look the emo in the eye or they’ll be inclined to show you their cutting scars.

HornsRue  FoolDeux – Imp pack  Rue recently released most of her horns in the special Imp pack of colors for October only.

Hair – A&Y Bunker  Aeon – black

Eye makeupLa Malvada Mujer @ Halloween Bizarre  Sibilla #3  (available in red, blue, & green)

EyesRepulse  Shattered Eyes for NSA3 Hunt (check my Hunt Listing page for more info)

SkinDamned  for ZPH

MouthchainLouLou&Co. @ Depraved Nation Gacha Street Fair  Voodoo – black

Choker – Neverm0re @ Depraved Nation Gacha Street Fair  Love-In-Idleness – avarice

Gloves – Razorblade Jacket @ Depraved Nation Gacha Street Fair  comes with the Knit Halter (includes the fingernail polish)

T-shirtBabycakes @ FTLO sim hunt  Spiderweb Heart Shirt  (hit the peeps bat for hunt info)

BackpackEpic  Bloody Voodoo Backpack for ZPH

WatchC&F (only on marketplace)  Bunny Watch – white *NEW*  This thing is adorable and also available in purple and pink.  Thanks Carolina ❤

PantsNV  Halloween Baggies  Free at the front desk!

SocksCandy Mountain  included with Twisted Alice

ShoesC&F (only on marketplace)  Converse Kush

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

Piercings – (red) Mint  (Tongue) Plugs & Piercing ( includes tons of wear options such as just the tongue, just the piercings, and tongue without the plug)

Rings – (red) Mint  past group gift (also available with her rings & bangles packs)

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