Time for…

a lolli/dolly post since I feel like I haven’t done one in ages, and the only way to do the look right is slightly twisted (in my opinion anyway).  I’m also pretty excited about Halloween coming so that may account for the “twisted” look too.  =P

DressCandy Mountain  Twisted Alice  (includes dirty and clean versions, demon eyes, and tattoo layers)

HairA&Y Bunker  Aeon – blue * NEW*  (includes 2 versions; fringe bangs and pushed to the side) this is also on their lucky boards

BraceletsBunnyStar  The Dreamer cuffs and bangles

CollarVirtual Insanity  Storm & Wonder Collar

Piercings – (red) Mint  (Tongue) Plugs & Piercing ( includes tons of wear options such as just the tongue, just the piercings, and tongue without the plug),  Cobrahive  Gauged

BlindfoldIllusions  Silk Blindfold (texture change and mod)

Pacifier/ Gag Thing – Dark Dolls  Shutup Pacifier  (this may not be available anymore, I can’t find the store anywhere)

Arm WrapsPlastik  comes with any of the Courtesan dresses

Rings(red) Mint  past group gift

LeggingsZenith  Fishnet Legging

BootsResurrection  Platform Boots (Laced & Strapped)

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

Skin – Curio  Pout – Tantrum moonbeam (light)

Pose – sr3d  Lucky 13 pack  Thank You Ryz!  =D

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