(red) Mint group gift & more

So Red Mint, Red Queen, and Roots finally overhauled the sim, which was much needed in my opinion.  Now instead of lag walking into oblivion every time you try to move the stores are centrally located around a small courtyard instead of halfway across the sim from eachother.

To celebrate the new build Red Queen put out her very first hairs as freebies,and Red Mint put out a new group gift along with two piercing sets for $99 each.  Not sure how long this stuff is out for, so if you want it go get it soon!

(red) Mint group gift – These rings come in gold, silver, and copper, HUD included.

(red) Mint (Tongue) Plugs & Piercing – Includes tons of wear options such as just the tongue, just the piercings, and tongue without the plug.

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