As an avid reader of irish folklore and urban fantasy I am very disappointed by the Twisted Hunt that is on currently on through the end of the month.  They picked the Unseelie as the theme, had 200+ stores involved, and still managed to fail hard. I saw maybe 5 - 7 prizes I was interested in on the hunt blogs and only 1 must have prize.  I realize the items are free and the designers didn't have to make them at all, but this hunt has the reputation of being one of the hardest and if you want people to comb through all 200+ stores you should also make it worth the hunter's time.
Now, I will show you the one prize on this hunt I did run to get, but first a poem/verse by me inspired by the sim I used as the backdrop for the pics, Bewitched - The Haunted Dark Forest.
The Forgotten Wood

Be wary, those who would walk this wood,
This place is older than man and remembers,
Do not stray and do not tary,
Old agreements are kept and never forgotten,
Walk the path and never leave it,
Do not be led astray by your eyes or ears,
You do not walk alone here, but who is keeping pace?
And a second, more close-up, pic so you can see this fabulous outfit.

Suit - RokumeikaN  Chain and Rose - blue for Twisted Hunt (includes hat, pants, jacket, and all attachments)
Hair - Dura  Game 1 - black (unisex)
Horns - Illusions  Aries Horns (texture change)
Ears - NV  Yojo Elf Ears
Piercing – HoD  Sideswept v3
Shoes - Gos  GTFO shoes – black
Eyes & Skin - no longer available

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