Group Gifts!!

All these gifts are in-store and some of the groups aren’t free, so it’s up to you to decide how much you want it.  First up is one of the gifts from Esther Jen, there’s also a pose and dress available by wearing your tag and hitting the gift boxes by the phone on the first floor.  This group is free to join.

Shorts & Top – Esther Jen  Soak Up The Sun June group gift

JewelryMandala     Pearl Rain Jewelry Set (you can buy them as a set on marketplace or separately at the store)

Eyes – [Glow] Studio  Scenic Eyes – Celadon

Hair – Elikatira  Rush – essentials pack

Skin – Curio  Pout – Tantrum petal (dark) frex

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

Next up is Epic, and what I’m showing is only this month’s group gift, she has past gifts sitting out you can still pick up too.  Group has a one time joining fee of $250.  If you don’t end up joining the group you should go anyway as the store is in quite a few hunts at the moment.

Bikini – Epic  Kyoot Dottie Bikini in peach  June group gift (there’s also blue, green, and pink)

Necklace –  Mandala   Soul Necklace – silver  (this is option D)

Cuffs/Bracelets – Blitzed  Legacy Cuffs (includes male and female versions)

ShoesPixel Mode  Fae Wedge – khaki  I love the HUD for these shoes, matches almost every skin tone except your paler ones like moonbeam from Curio and milk from Ploom, there just isn’t a base on the HUD light enough.

Next is Grixdale, the joining fee is $250, but you’d pay that much for the gift this month anyway, and I had to have it!

Dress – Grixdale  Letters Home Dress  June group gift  (you get 2 versions of this dress, both adorable)

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