KAWAII <3<3<3

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a lolli post, but with the help of the Black Butler and ZombiePopcorn hunts here it is!!

To see which hunts are currently active, hint blogs, and start locations please click on the “Hunt Listing” tab at the top of my blog  =D

HatVanilla C. Designs  Purrfect Kitty Hat for ZombiePopcorn Hunt  How cute is this hat!  It even has a tail hanging off the back.

HairSixty Nine  Aggy – silver collection  (this hair is short and mostly flat on the top and sides so it’s excellent for hats, hoods, etc.)

Eye Patch Fairy Tail  Rose Eye Patch for Black Butler Hunt

Eyes[Glow] Studio  Scenic Eyes – Celadon  Haven’t been eye shopping in awhile, but had to pick these up!

DressRibboN  Black Dress for Black Butler Hunt

Necklace –  Mandala   Soul Necklace – silver  (this is option C)

Bracelets & Gloves – LouLou&Co.  Crepuscule

Eyeliner & Parted Lips – Damned  Butterfly Effect

Skin – Curio  Pout – Tantrum moonbeam (light) frex

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

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