Are you Depraved?

If not you can be!  =P  If you missed the May session of Depraved Dealers you missed a lot of excellent stuff so be sure to visit the June session starting June 5th.  Stores scheduled for this session include Virtual Insanity, Plastik, Acide, American Bazaar, Orion, Blow-Up, and Cheeky Pea among others.  Below is another small preview of what you can expect to see.

Iren @ Depraved Dealers:  Iris will be available in 6 versions, nude and five very understated makeups.  If you’re looking for a skin to go with all those makeup alphas you’ve been collecting this is it.  The Iris shape will also be available (not worn).

Virtual Insanity @ DD:  Eye makeup is from the Dirt Face alpha pack which includes 5 versions.  I’ll show another version in the pic below.

Razorblade Jacket @ DD:  Outfit is Jail Bait in pink, comes on all layers and mini skirt can be worn with or without panties.  Outfit includes shirt, mini skirt/panties, and socks.  There is also a free version of this outfit (in orange) at the mainstore for Depraved Summer Nights Hunt.

HairBC322 Skull&Bones  Ricca  This is not new, but if you haven’t gotten it yet it is still on the lucky board.

NecklacesFusion  Cord Necklace (just the cords), Pepper  I Am Thursty necklace for Zombie Popcorn Hunt (bottle is texture change)

TattooPara Designs  Loyalty for ZombiePopcorn Hunt (comes in black and color)

EyesDamned  Eyes3 (includes regular and black backgrounds with regular, large, and extra large eyes)

Ears – (Red) Mint  Down Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

PiercingCobrahive  Gauged  (this piercing loves to disappear when I’m taking pics, but as you can see, loves to leave the shadow behind!)

Shush @ DD – Corsage is a body suit that includes 2 versions, with the top (as shown) and just the corset with the bottom.  This will be available in black, white, blue, and red (does not include gloves).

Virtual Insanity @ DD – This is another makeup from the Dirt Face pack.

Bracelets – Fusion  Cord Necklace & Bracelet Set

GlovesLouLou&Co.  comes with bracelet sets, not sold separately

HairMINA  Tinke in moonlit for ZombiePopcorn Hunt

TattooArnadi  Hell Mex for ZombiePopcorn Hunt

TieBubble  group gift – Emily Ties Set  (group is free to join)

Poses by Diesel Works for ZombiePopcorn Hunt

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