What’s sweeter than Kandi?

Nothing if you ask me.  =P  My model for this post is one of my very best friends, Kandi Watanabe.  After a six month hiatus from SL she’s back, and of course the first thing a girl does is catch up on her shopping.  I’m just not sure she needed to do it all in a few days!  Since she drug me along, apparently out to prove that shopping should be an Olympic sport, I thought it only fair that I get to post some of it.

HairPloom, Randi – whites

SkinEpic, Elfin – Aine fair

MouthieScribble, Pretty Tags in blue

Headphones – Gritty Kitty, Graphic Headphones  (can’t find store, might be no longer available)

Face Alpha & TattooSkin Deep/Little Pricks, Tell Me A Story  Para Designs, Autumn Leaves

BraceletsMandala, Lotus Chain Bracelets and Hand Rings – black

Corset & TieShush, from the Army Outfit – blue

SkirtLinc, Lowrise Mini Jeans Skirt – black

BootsGos, GTFO Boots – black

And here’s a closer look at the hair, face, and alpha tattoo.

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