Dark & Light

This post is all thanks to some drunkass asking me, “Why do you play with dark so much?”  He obviously doesn’t pay attention and will probably never see this post, but since it’s almost Easter anyway here it comes.  Oh and hey, thanks for the idea drunkass!

In both pics I’m wearing the new Porcelain hair from Magika, the bright yellow version is free in-store for sub-o members until April 27th.  I have no idea who Porcelain Black is (she was mentioned in the NC), nor do I care, but I ❤ this hair!

I’m also wearing the Pout skin from Curio in both pics, yes still  =P  Did I mention that with any Pout skin/makeup you buy you get 44 skins?  There’s with/without freckles, with/without lipstick, and dark and light versions of every tone.  You can get them at the mainstore or Project Fur Japan.

PiercingHoD Sideswept v3

NecklaceMandala  Shamira Dog Tag (comes in both male and female versions)

EyesPlastik  Deia Collection – Deepfreeze (look through the past Lazy Sunday items she put back up in the store)

BeltPepper  Snippet Belt (the flower on the back is color changeable with drop down menu)

TattooPara Designs  Lucky Stars for the Depraved Spring Madness Hunt 

Bracelet(s)Virtual Insanity  Broken Bracelets for the DSM Hunt (you get one, I just copied and attached another to the other wrist)

ShirtRazorblade Jacket  Coked Out Hero girl tank for DSM Hunt (prize includes a male version of the shirt)

PantsNein!   from Faded outfit, female version (was on the lucky boards last time I was there)

Ears – (Red) MintDown Royal Fae Elf Ears *only available with hair (F) No. 6*

Tape – SinistyleTaped Fist

Pose by agapee

EyesKMADD  Nature – Aqualibrium

OutfitSn@tch  Hippie Chick for the Stash Bash Hunt (join the hunt group to get LM list)

BraceletsMandala  Pearl Rain Jewelry Set in white (you only get the bracelets in the set if you get it on Marketplace)

TattooHUZ  Mythik

Pose by Diesel Works

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