On the hunt

Most of us do not have endlessly deep pockets and so when I run out of money, but still want new things hunting fills the void.  I spent the last of my money on shoes and jewelry (these two things always seem to be the most expensive, and the well made so elusive to find sometimes), but I still needed clothes so I went picking through the many hunts going on this month.

If you’ve never tried a hunt before you first have to accept that not everything you get is going to be to your tastes or even made well.  The things that make hunting worthwhile are those few things you will absolutely love and the new stores you’re introduced to that you will visit again and again when you do have money.  To increase your chances of finding things you’ll love pick a hunt geared towards what you’re looking for.  In April alone there’s a hunt for furries, males, spring fashion, nerds, and even a 50’s themed hunt.  For a current hunt listing click on the hunt tab at the top of my blog.

Now, besides all that you may notice my pictures look a little different this post and that’s because right when I was planning to take pics I got a notice that one of my favorite DJs was playing.  Since it was an outside stage and they had plenty of things to pose on I just took them there using the [AnaLu] outdoor city weirdlights windlight setting on the Phoenix viewer.

Photos take at Helio Garden.

First, I want to show you yet another fantastic skin from Plastik, in Aikea’s Ataciara collection.  This one is called Retro Chic, and you get it free in all six normal tones, with and without cleavage, if you find the record hidden in her store for the Taste of the 50’s Hunt.  The eyes I’m wearing and 2 others sets come with the skins.

You may have noticed I have a lot of black and silver jewelry so I finally went looking for something of a white/off-white nature.  This necklace is part of the Pearl Rain jewelry set in white from Mandala, which includes bracelets and earrings I’m not wearing.

Hair – Exile @ Project Fur Japan, Luka – blacks pack

PiercingHoD, Dimpled Piercing

On to more hunt goodness!  This jacket is The Evil Bunny Hunt gift from NV.  Even if you don’t want the jacket go check out the crazy monotone sim which hosts the MadWorld Project and two other clubs.

The jeans are a special Cover My Furry Butt Hunt edition of Linc’s (Luck Inc.) newest release, Tyra jeans.  They include both digi and human leg pant cuffs.  These jeans will give any avi an ass, they are cheek huggers.  =P  The shirt is also from Linc, Wrecked Neckholder in white.

The boots are GTFO Boots in stone from Gos.  As with the jewelery I thought I might eventually need shoes that aren’t black.


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