Why do I forget about some of these stores?

I love Zenith, but it feels like months since I’ve actually been there and since a hunt led me there anyway I shopped.  =P  I’ve always loved the fact that they have a girly floor if you’re looking for dresses, skirts, etc., but their male stuff is all fitted to be unisex or has a female version too.  Anyway, that’s where the shirt in the picture below comes from.  It’s part of the Mib outfit which also includes pinstriped pants and a bunch of ways to wear the shirt including collar, collar + tie, just suspenders, suspenders + shirt, or just the shirt.  It’s a basic outfit, but very well done and the separate pieces will add to any look.

SkinPlastik, Anjou from the Ataciara: Elven Muted collection

HairPloom, Twilla – Blondes 1

PiercingsCobrahive, Gauged

NecklaceMandala on marketplace, Shamira Dog Tag (marketplace promo price only available for a few days)

SkirtLeague, Buttoned Corduroy Mini – tan

Socks Boom, Folded Wool Socks – white

Shoes Gos, GTFO Shoes – black

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