More To Give

Relay For Life may be over, but if you still have money in your pockets and want to give to a little more urgent charity there are two sims (that I know of so far) that are raising money for charities to benefit those affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan.  The bigger one is the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser sim, which I think will go on until April 10th or 11th.  This sim doesn’t look that big, but it’s set up much like a maze so look high, low, and around every corner.  The smaller sim is Help Japan, and I have no idea how long their stuff is up for so go and check it out.  100% of everything sold on these 2 sims goes to charity.  Oh, if helping people in need isn’t a good enough incentive on its own maybe I should tell you that a lot of the stuff from both sims are exclusive, new and original items?

Tattoo*Lazy Sunday item* only available TODAY @ Plastik, includes facial markings when you wear the alpha layer, also includes a pair of green eyes with prims (not worn)

Dress – only available @ the PCF sim from Plastik, Minimalist Bands – Tokyo

Hair – also at the PCF sim from Rock Candy, Min in white (you get the fat pack)

Cuffs/ BraceletsLouLou&Co., Crepuscule (includes gloves)

Choker was a hunt item and no longer available.

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