Wishful Thinking

So I’m hoping that by doing a spring-like post maybe things will start to green up around here. Please?  I’ll start things off with the new skin from Mynerva, Kia.  Kia comes in 8 shades and you can get them for $300 each until March 25th.  Each shade comes with A cup, B cup, and cleavage versions, all with or without eyebrows. Now if you actually want an A or B cup you will also need to buy the shape or adjust your own, but since one of my friends brings this up all the time (about having big boobs no matter how small she makes her shape) I know there’s people out there looking for this very thing.  Here’s a close-up pic of the face with a full picture further down.

I’m wearing Kia – shade 3 the cleavage with brows version.  The eye makeup is free, Champange Foiled eyeshadow, and can also be found at Mynerva in the Mock Cosmetics room on one of the tables.  The lip piercing is Sweetly Bound from EllaBella and was part of her prize in the Timeless Treasures Hunt (the hunt is over, but it might still be out).  The eyes are from KMADD, Promise – green 15.  Ears are still from (Red) Mint and only available with hair no. 06, she does have other ears available seperately.

HairPloom March VIP gift (I modded it to get rid of the shamrocks)

JewelryFusion, Feathered Necklace set (includes bracelet)

DressSassy Kitty Designs, Romantic Empire Dress in green (was Taste of SL special over the weekend)

ShoesDuh! Silk Floral Booties – mint (available in the Diamond is Mine Hunt)

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