I gave all my money to charity and damn I look good! =P

Yes, I finally did get to visit the Fashion for Life (Relay for Life) sims, well not all of them, not yet anyway.  Most of my money went to the very first sim I visited which was the WoE sponsored, Shulman, and that’s also where these outfits I’m about to show you came from.  The outfits are from Relay for Life vendors, most of the accessories are not.

Outfit – Sn@tch RFL Vendor, FFL 1313 (includes jeweled knee guards not shown)

HairMagika, Aina – black & white pack

TattooPara Designs, Black Pearl

TightsPeqe, Pop Art Antique

*shoes are no longer available and ears came with the skin which has been previously blogged

Dress – Boom RFL Vendor, Ayko Argyle mini-dress in teal (you get 2 skirt prims, with & without pockets)  I love this skirt prim, you mod it by checking “edit linked parts” and you can get it to fit gorgeously no matter the body type.

Shoes – Duh! RFL Vendor, Silk Floral Booties – silver

Hair – Magika, Paisley – PCF Red  This is one of 4 hairstyles the owner of Magika has put out at the mianstore in a special red color with all proceeds going to the Pacific Crisis Fund to aid the people of Japan after recent earthquake and tsunami devastation.

The tattoo is the same as in the top pic and the eyes, makeup, and jewelry are no longer available to my knowledge.  The piercings have been previously blogged.

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