Relay For Life & Plastik

I haven’t gotten to look around the Relay For Fashion aka Relay For Life sims yet, but I will in the next few days  =D  The event stretches 9 sims, with over 180 stores represented, and is meant to raise money for SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.  There is also a hunt, all items are priced between $10 – $100, with all proceeds being donated as well.   This event will go on until March 22nd, so still plenty of time to stop by and wander the sims.

Plastik has 5 Relay For Life vendors in-store containing three exclusive skin tones and two makeups.  I fell in love with the Virilium tone.

The gloves, Lipstick Muse – black, and the dress, Minimalist Bands – Montague/Stark, are also from Plastik.  The eyes and makeup are what I actually went there for in the first place.  Plastik’s Lazy Sunday item is 7 pairs of eyes, with prims, and 7 makeup alphas.  I’m wearing the Deia Deepfreeze eyes with the Deia Subconscious makeup.  Go get them now because her eyes aren’t cheap full price and these will most likely come out in a new collection soon.

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