So yesterday I stopped by Ploom looking for something when I saw that the February VIP group gift is still out.  If you’ve been wanting to try her skins this group gift is a great way to do it since you get all seven tones, with/without lipstick along with dark and light brow options.  This gift alone is worth the joining fee of $250 since each tone would cost you $950 separately.  Demos are great for seeing the bigger flaws in skins and to see how it fits your shape, but I think it takes at least a few hours in a skin to start noticing all the little things you like or don’t like. Cheapies and freebies are a great way to find out if you like a skin maker’s work without paying anywhere from $600 – $1200 for a skin you may end up immensely disliking after a day or two.  Below is Ploom’s palest tone, milk, and cream, which falls somewhere in the middle tones.

Personally I’m not a fan of most skin makers’ “tan” tones because they just look orange or red to me.  With most skins I either go very pale or very dark, and this skin is no exception, my favorite is the milk tone.  I love the eye make-up and lip color on this skin, but the fingernails are waaay too pink, no it’s not fingernail polish because her demos for other skins have it too.  Close-up of the face at the bottom of this post.

Panties are from some old hunt gift so, no longer available.  Hair is dura-boy 17 in black from Dura, without the included hairbase alpha since I don’t think it needs it.  Piercing is from HoD, sideswept v3.

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