The Twisted Hunt so Far

Another Twisted Hunt started March 1st and goes until the 31st.  The little Hellraiser puzzle boxes you’re looking for are red and the theme is Nevermore so expect a lot of raven inspired goodies with a color palette consisting mainly of black and red.  The first stop on this hunt is DV8.  I didn’t see any hints on the blog, but I have noticed that all the boxes I’ve found so far are no more than 20 or 30m from the hunt sign.  Enough hunt info, on to some of the goodies!!

OutfitBlue Blood, Florence Corset Special Twisted Edition (comes with socks and gloves)

Hat/Topper Delectable Doll, Twisted Bonus Hats (not a hunt gift, but Delectable Doll has a bunch of limited edition items out, made with the hunt box or in theme, and I can’t resist a nice top hat especially for $10)

ChokerSassy Kitty Designs, Raven Choker (this is only part of the gift, there’s also a dress)

Chair/ThroneCreative Insanity, Demon Throne (this throne is worn not rezzed and includes an AO so you can sit in it on whatever sim you choose to)

I think I’ve previously blogged everything else except the piercings which are from HoD, Sideswept v3.

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