I’m a hair junkie with sexxxy jeans! =D

OMG more hair I ❤

This is Misfit from Shag, in the monochromes pack.  It’s packaged as a male hair, but I think it’s very unisex.  This hair strongly reminds me of something you’d see in the Londoner mod scene of the 50s and 60s.  Didn’t one of The Beatles have this moptop look, or all of them at one time?  So yea, if you’re looking for something timeless or reviving the mod look go pick this up.

Next is the newest release from Magika, Nayla, in the black & white pack.  Most of the time I am not a fan of simple ponytails, but I absolutely love this one.  It’s held loosely with color changeable pins, and it also manages to frame the face well.  With the prim hair you also get just the right amount of strays so the overall look is effortless, a little messy, but beautiful.  Pick this up if you’re in need of a very natural looking hairstyle.

Top in both pics is the Red Pearls Pullover from Sassy Kitty Designs.

Now, onto what may be the sexiest jeans on SL so far.  =P  These are the Black Jeans Garters from Sassy Kitty Designs, also available in white, gray, beige, and red.  If these are a little too daring for you they also come with different colored knit versions, still on the same layer so you don’t have to wear the underpants and pants layers to get the desired look.  All the jeans are available in two knit color packs, red, gray, and beige, or white and black.  You get all possible layers, straight and flare cuffs, ripped and regular versions of the jeans with the knits, plus the pair I’m wearing with and without panties.

Other Stuff In The Pic

Hair: Magika, Nayla (was free around Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s the same color that can be found in the “colors” pack)  *NEW*

Skin: Plastik, Anjou from her newest skin color palette release the Ataciara Muted Elven Collection  *NEW*

Necklaces: n-creation, Black Madonna Necklace

Tattoo: Para Designs, Punked *NEW*

Bracelets/Cuffs: Blitzed, Legacy Cuffs with optional hand bracelets

Nipple Tape: Plastik, Bandaids Unisex Black

Corset: Sassy Kitty Designs, Underbust Leather Corset Black (does come with pasties, not shown)

Shoes: G Field, Short Lace-Up Boots Black (sides, shoelaces, and sole are color changeable by clicking the boots)

Finger Tape, Piercings, and Eyes have been previously blogged.

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