Is it Valentine’s Day yet?

OMG, is it here yet?  It better hurry up before my inventory explodes into pink fluff.  =P  I’ve been picking at the Depraved Valentine Hunt so I thought I’d show you a few things. First is the Dimpled piercing, part of the prize from HoD.  The MDV tattoo is the prize from Insanya, comes in regular and worn versions.  Lastly, in this post anyway, is the Hot Pink Heart Dress from Razorblade Jacket, includes gloves and socks. For more information on this hunt and others please click my Hunt Listing at the top of this blog.

Oh, you want to know who my little friend in the picture is?  This is my early Valentine’s Day present and newest creation from BelleBelle called In Love With a Daisy.  Not only is it adorable, but it also comes with 4 sitting animations.  Thank you Leyla!  =D

Now, on to everything else in the pic!

Hairlamb, Bang Bang

BlindfoldIllusions, Silk Blindfold

Ears(Red) Mint, Down Royal Fae Elf Ears (only available with hair no. 06)

Makeup – Pididdle @ Kozmetika, Lip Lacquer – What A Lush

Skin – was in The Serial Killer Hunt from Plastik (no longer available)

JewelryLouLou&Co, Crepuscule Choker and Bracelets (this choker is from a hunt and no longer available, but she does a sell a version that matches the bracelets)

Boots – previously blogged

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