Ok, so let’s start from the top shall we?  The hair is from Ploom, Twilla in the Blondes 1 pack. You get the solid and streak versions, and I thought I should show the side of the hair since I thought it was just a really awesome short hairstyle until I tried the demo.

The skin is from the newest line at Plastik, Ataciara in the Chorus tone – Killer make-up.  Ataciara is available in six “human” tones, each with about 40 make-ups available, but there’s also 32 “elven” tones available.  Each skin comes with matching ears, a cleavage option, alpha layers for various things like freckles, darker lips, etc., and a huge pack of eyes from the Haunt and Vae collections.

The dress is the newest release from Sassy Kitty Designs, Baby Got Warm dress in pink.  This dress is also available in beige, black, and red.  The gray and white versions are available at the Extend A Helping Hand market.

Tattoo is from Para Designs, Desire.  Comes with dark, medium, and light layers (including alpha layers) for black and color versions.

Other stuff in the pics: the bracelets and necklace from Fusion.  They are the Chained Pearl necklace and Multi Chained bracelets.  Piercings have already been blogged.

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