Shopper’s Block?

I haven’t felt like shopping lately (OMG is she dying?) O.O  So, when nothing was interesting me again last night I decided to try stores I had never been to or hadn’t been to in quite awhile.  This worked, but apparently I wasn’t in the mood for girly stuff in general because I kept finding myself in the male department of every store.  =P  So yea, this post is for the guys, but is totally wearable for chicks too.

Hair/HatSey, Transer in jet black

PiercingsCobrahive, Gauged

Shirt/UndershirtPrimitive Design, Yakuzza shirt in silver grey (comes with tie as prim or on shirt)

PantsAmerie, Loose Pants Long in black

BootsResurrection, Platform Boots (Laced & Strapped) I’m just wearing the foot part

Skin – group gift from Curio, no longer available

I have this thing against “baggies” in general on SL since most of them just look like over-sized legwarmers that go up to your crotch with a belt that fails to fool anyone into thinking it’s a nice looking pair of pants. These loose pants from Amerie are a nice change, they’re just baggy enough and someone finally remembered that if your pants are that big the crotch is probably baggy too.  =P

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