Happy Holidays Hunt

So, I’ve been picking at this hunt because I’m not about to spend $10 at 96 stores for stuff I’ll never wear, and the same people also ran their With Love… Hunt almost at the same time and I hit that pretty hard too.  So here’s some of the stuff I did pick up.  =D  If you need the starting location or the official blog you can find it in the Hunts List at the top of this blog.

This is the Holli outfit from Ducknipple, comes with dress, belt, choker, tintable fishnets (not shown), and boots (not shown).  The skin is also in the hunt from Tyranny Designs/Grixdale, Ouch! – Black Ice is Hazardous in the cream tone (the tan tone is available in the hunt too).  Xander leggings are from Pink Outfitters, not in the hunt.  The hair is Mai in blonde from Ronsem, free on one of the tables by the rest of the hair.  Tattoo and bracelets are no longer available to my knowledge.

Close-up of the skin from Tyranny Designs/Grixdale. The dimples and bandaid on the nose like she actually did just fall on the ice is adorable. One of her knees is also bandaged up.  =D  For $10 this skin also comes with a lot of options, theres with or without cleavage and with or without dimples.

Black eye shadow alpha was an old hunt gift and the piercings are from EllaBella, Shadow of the Day.

Santa Baby PJs are the gift from Pididdle and make my avi look about 10, but at least she’s a very cute 10 I guess  =P  The Happy Holiday boots are part of the hunt prize from Boom.  The candy cane is from Plastik’s Christmas randomvendor at the Holiday Hill sim.  The uber-cute ponytails are a group gift from Hair Shop Nodoka, Mao in umber.

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