No, Really I Need All This Hair!!

So, yesterday was apparently my day to run across a bunch of hair I really love.

The top two are from Anaphora (new place to me at least, thanks Depraved Christmas hunt  =D ).  The top left is Bro which comes in a free 3 pack for A Very Depraved Christmas hunt.  While I was there I saw Mayhem (top right) and had to have the “OuttaDaNorm” color pack.

Bottom left is the newest release from lamb, Wild Nothing in the “Bloods” color pack.  The link is to her new mainstore so go take a look, the sim looks like a little italian piazza in autumn.

Bottom right is the Stumblebum Brigade exclusive from Shag.  Sparks is only available in this 3-color pack til Dec. 17th.  I’m wearing Cashmere, but you also get Toffee and Fever, three colors that never show up in the regular color packs.  There is also a style up for men so grab the demos and buy them before they’re gone.

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