A Very Un-merry Christmas to You!

My favorite holiday is Halloween so after that I thought my hunting season was pretty much over for the rest of the year.  I mean how many snowflake and reindeer sweaters does a person really need? Then I found out the ZombiePopcorn 3 and A Very Depraved Christmas hunts were on and was overjoyed.  So far one store is really standing out for me and that’s =Razorblade Jacket=.  There’s a ton of hunts going on over there right now and they also have all of your favorite 80’s cartoon characters on tanks and outfits for the ladies  =D

From Razorblade Jacket

Hooker Grinch dress with gloves & knee socks – A Very Depraved Christmas hunt

His Eyes How They Twinkle, candy cane attachment and bloody alpha layer (not worn) – Candy Cane 2 hunt

Impaled With the Christmas Spirit, candy cane chest attachment and bloody shirt (not worn) – ZombiePopcorn 3 hunt

The Other Stuff

hat/hair – Raw House, Sad Santa from A Very Depraved Christmas (I tinted the hat, originally red)

tattoo – Skin Deep/Little Pricks (previously blogged)

alpha layer – Beat to Shit freebie from Fallen Doll at the FTLO Ice Festival (find the snowflake)

bracelets/cuffs – Black Spiked Cuffs from Blitzed (not free)

skin – Cristmas ’10 Skin – Elven – Christmas Past from Plastik, but the only place I’ve seen it is at her store on the Holiday Hill sim (not free)


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