All of us unique

We were all born unique little unicorns rare and special.  No one can think your thoughts or see through your eyes, but some seem to forget this as they get older and feel they have to prove how different and original they are.  Stop shouting about it and just BE it.  On the flipside of this people need to remember that the world does not revolve around them, there are others here and you can’t think their thoughts or see through their eyes either.  Since we can’t all love eachother at least learn to be civil and tolerant.

C.C Kre-ations-Geek-Collabor88

Photo taken @ Yesterday (home of Reign, Flite, Chary, & Reckless)

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairOlive @ Uber  Delilah Hair – HUD 1  (collection changes on the last day of every month)

Horn/Ears & Tail - Half-Deer @ Collabor88  Unicorn Horn + Tail Set – white

SkinThe Skinnery @ Seasons Story  Blair – milk

EyesAdored  Cloud Eyes – clarity+ potion(sold separately)

Eye MakeupPink Fuel   – Doll V2

EarsMandala  Steking Ears – season 5

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

MouseGeek @ We <3 RP  Still Tryin’ – ginger  This lil’ guy is available in many fur colors and bobs up and down as he does his best to keep up with you.

HaloC.C Kre-ations @ We <3 RP  {Goddess – Blossom} Halo  Halo is available in 4 colors/options, each includes gold and silver.

ChokerBoom @ Uber  Antoinette Collar/Choker – pink  Includes metal/lace HUD.

Corset/LingerieJunbug @ Collabor88  Betty’s Boudoir – blush brocade

Tattoo – not currently available (Elska)

BraceletsAisling  Dame des Fleurs Hands – gold  gacha item

Hands + Feet(sold separately) – SLink

RingsMoon Amore @ Oneword  Unicorn Ring  Group gift, group is free to join, not sure how long this will be available./  Noodles @ OMGacha!  Gold Dainty Rings Pack 2 RARE

Nail HUDA:S:S @ My SLink Obsession  SLink Nail Appliers – pearl one & two  (current round ends January 22nd)

StockingsCannibelle  Micronet Stockings – light  Also available in a dark pack and tights.

ShoesPixicat @ Collabor88  Unicorn Heels – ombre(SLink high)  Every pack includes 2 colors.

PosesKirin  Athena Pose Pack  Includes 8 poses.

C.C Kre-ations-Geek-Cannibelle-Collabor88

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C.C. Kre-ations @ Oneword

Well, I took a little timeout to get some rl shit sorted and to work on my photo issues in Firestorm, but I’m back I think.  I still have photo issues though.  I’ve tried updating graphics card drivers, re-installing Firestorm, and changing photo size, but nothing has worked.  Every time I turn on “advanced lighting model” for photos it looks fine inworld with little to no lag, but when I open the photo outside of SL all I get is a black screen where my pic should be.  If anyone has advice on fixing this I’d love to hear it.

C.C. Kre-ations-Oneword-Cannibelle

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairEMBW  Fi Hair – natural  Hairbases are free on the counter.

BrowsThe Skinnery  Natural Brows – set 2

EyesAdored  Cloud Eyes – clarity+ potion(sold separately)

SkinAtomic  Innocence – porcelain

EarsMandala  Steking Ears – season 5

PiercingSwallow  Septum Ring – HeartWings

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Necklaces –  CerberusXing   Plug Me In Collar – white/   C.C. Kre-ations  {Swirls – silver} Necklace  Heart is texture change, also available in gold and black.

DressG Field @  Knit Tunic – blush  (current round closes January 15th)

Wings + Wand(sold separately) – C.C. Kre-ations @ Oneword  {Cloud Hug}  Group gift with several attachment clouds, group is free to join./  {Dream Maker – snow} Scepter  Available in several colors, includes a hold animation.  (current round closes at the end of the month)

Tattoo – not currently available  I can’t find Elska anywhere at the moment.

Hands + Feet(sold separately) – SLink

Nail HUDA:S:S  SLink Fingernails – naturals 1  Still free I think.

RingsReign  Darling Rings  Gacha rings sold individually./  Yummy  Elemental Ring Set

TightsCannibelle  Damask Tights – light  Includes 8 colors with Slink appliers, dark pack is also available.

ShoesBoom  Posey Heels – snow(SLink)

Pose – no longer available, past hunt item


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Merry Christmas!

Since I won’t be around much later today, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of family madness, full tummies, and love.  (That’s about as sappy as I get, don’t tell anyone.)

This is round two of photos taken on my new computer, I’m much happier with these than the last post.  I figured out shadows, for the most part, and played around with the “depth of field” settings.  For future reference you should probably play with those settings on a sim that doesn’t have falling snow.  I thought I was going blind I tell ya!  Every snowflake stole focus which in turn made my screen go all blurry.

Anyway, in this post I have new items only available at FROST and Level Up, both of which end soon, so enjoy your Christmas then come back to shop!

Cloud9-C.C. Kre-ations-Angelica

Photos taken @ Isle of Serendipity

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HoodAtomic @  Sweet Kitten Hood – set 1  Each set includes HUD with 3 hood colors and various ribbon colors.  (current round ends January 15th)

Hair/  Hannah Hair – m-ash rose

GlassesTee*fy  BearyBeary Glasses – polar bear  Free in the Inspiration Point Hunt going on through December 31st.

EyesAdored  Cloud Eyes – innocence +mystic(sold separately)

SkinANGELICA @ FROST  Momo – cream  Includes 5 brow options, all tones available.  (event ends December 31st)

LipsANGELICA @ The Gacha Mania  Jelly Lip Coat – rose  gacha item  (current round ends December 31st)

Gingerbread ManGeek  Lil Man Mouffie  group gift

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

OutfitCloud9(Blueberry & Geek)  Miss Santa Outfit  Outfit includes dress, armwarmers, santa hat (not shown), and HUD.  A Miss Reindeer outfit is also available.

Hands – SLink

Nail HUD – no longer available

Backpack + Tail(sold separately) – C.C. Kre-ations @ Level Up  {Classics – Boom} Bag  gacha item  There’s a free tetris version of this bag also available at the event./  {Chompychain – black} Tail  Also available in blue.  (current round ends January 5th)

TightsCannibelle @ FROST  Tartan Patch Tights  Includes 6 patch colors with SLink, Belleza, and Omega appliers.

BootsCloud9 @ FROST  Edge Boots – green  Available in a bunch of colors, each includes a color HUD for laces, metal, & more.

PosesKirin  December Pose Pack  Free Inspiration Point Hunt item, includes 5 poses.

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Last Chance for Winter Trends

Winter Trend ends today at 4pm SLT, so it’s your last chance to get your winter wardrobe started off right!  There are two sims, full of snow for you to see (made me cold just looking at it), North Pole and South Pole.  I wanted to have this post done days ago, even had the photos done but then I FINALLY got a new computer!  I don’t change files over since I don’t really have anything that important on my computer like work files for rl or SL.  I am not the person you want helping you move either, I’ll throw half your shit out as junk and clutter.  Anyway, I had to redo the photos which I’m still not happy with.  I basically have to unlearn all my bad habits and tricks now that I’m not stuck on all the lowest settings.

SakideWT-NeverWish-C.C. Kre-ations

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

GogglesC.C. Kre-ations @ Suicide Dollz  Almira Goggles – black  gacha item  (this round open through December 31st)

HairAlice Project  Sileny – medley  While you’re there look for the advent gifts under the tree, two gifts per day available, one is free for everyone and the other for VIP group members.

BrowsAtomic  Brow Add-on {Innocence} – pastel

EyepatchDirtyStories  Doll’s Eyepatch  Includes 10 colors.

Skin – no longer available (Dead Apples)

EyesBuzz @ Kustom9  Lillian Eyes – nebula

MakeupLovely Disarray(MP only)  Neo Geisha Concept Set – pink

WhiskersWhatever  Cat Ear & Whiskers

Piercings(sold separately) – HV  Smug – gold/oil + Nosejob – ink/oil  modded

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

EarsTrap  Demon Ears

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Necklaces - C.C. Kre-ations  {Swirls – silver} Necklace  Heart is texture change, also available in gold and black./  NeverWish @ Tales of Fantasy  Dragon Egg – obsidian – silver  Available in packs of 3 with gold or silver chain.  (round ends December 31st)

Lingerie/GlovesButterfly Effect @ Winter Trend  Denise – black dots  This was a little pricier than I’d like, but it’s beautifully done and includes lingerie, bodysuit, and catsuit options with all kinds of appliers.

Wings – Exact version no longer available (hunt version from like 2 or 3 years ago), but Epic still has others in a gacha.

Vest + PantsSakide @ Winter Trend  Fuzz Leather Outfit – white + black  Outfit sold in black, brown, or white with HUD for changing the vest, matching shoes sold separately (not shown).

BraceletsZaara  Banjara Kada Bracelets

RingsYummy  Elemental Ring Set

Hands & Feet – SLink

BagReign  Bomb Bag – white

TailC.C. Kre-ations  {Dino! <3 – pink-b} Tail  gacha item

ShoesReign @ anyBODY  Mina Heels v2 – black (SLink high & Belleza)  Includes HUD for ribbon texturing.  (First round ends December 31st)


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ANGELICA @ Winter Trend

If you’re taking a break from the cold or hiding from all the Christmas preparations you have yet to do I can help… help you procrastinate that is!  A super-sized, anniversary round of Suicide Dollz is going on all month and there’s also a few winter themed events open to help keep our toes and fingers warm.

If you’re an ANGELICA group member ($300 to join) you may recognize this adorable Kanon skin as it was offered in a special tone as a group gift back in October.  The full release is now available at Winter Trend through December 19th.


Photo taken @ Frisland

GogglesC.C. Kre-ations @ Suicide Dollz  Almira Goggles – chokocream RARE  gacha item  (this round open through December 31st)

HairAyashi  Michi – fatpack

Skin & BlushANGELICA @ Winter Trend  Kanon – cream  Available in 4 tones with 4 brow options each, also includes 5 blushers on tattoo layers.  (event open through December 19th)

EyesANGELICA @ Winter Trend  Watery Eyes – warm  Colors available separately or in a fat pack of 5.

Ears – The Skinnery  Puki Ears

ScarfAtomic @ Arcade  Critter Comfort – orange tabby scarf  (open through December 31st)

Doll KeyBoom @ Arcade  Key & Ward Set – heart/silver  Includes HUD for changing ribbon and key/ward texture, simple doll AO is also on the HUD.

Coat/DressBirdy/Foxes @ Arcade  Woodland Wonderland – dress & boots – mint

PoseImeka  Luna  Pack includes 8 poses.

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Nerds Do It Better

I’ve actually had these photos done for a few days now, but every three months I get REALLY distracted by The Arcade.  As a result of that distraction you now only have a few days to get your geek on over at Geeks ‘n’ Nerds which will close up shop on December 10th.


HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairRunAway  Penny Hair – reds

SkinM.Birdie Story  Bongsook Skin 01  gacha item

EyesANGELICA  Big Anime Eyes – orange

BlushANGELICA @ The Liason Collaborative  Cold Outside Blush Includes 4 colors in light and dark versions. (current round ends December 10th)

LipsANGELICA @ The Showroom  Mellow Lipstick Candy – apple  Four colors available individually or as a fatpack.  (current round ends December 16th)

Glassestsg  Shy Megane – gold

Ears – The Skinnery  Puki Ears

GeeknNerds_ANGELICA_C.C. Kre-ations

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

NecklacesCerberusXing @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds  Plug Me In Collar – white  Also available in black./  Unrepentant @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds  KeyControl Necklace Black – om nom  gacha item  (event is open through December 10th)

SweaterThe Secret Store @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds  Luna Preppy Cardigan – mustard argyle

BraceletsForever Famous @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds  Hook Charm Bracelet  Includes gold and silver versions, gacha item./  random Matter  Pycell Cuff – black

Hands – SLink

RingsReign @ n-twenty1  Darling Rings  Gacha items available in gold, silver, and black versions.  (current round ends December 10th)

Nail HUDBella Elephante @ Geek ‘n’ Nerds  Magic Combo  Includes SLink and Belleza HUDs.

JeansBlueberry  Radi – faded  Includes regular and boot cut versions along with a Belleza option.

BootsThe Secret Store @ Collabor88  Flamel Boots – camel

CompanionC.C. Kre-ations  Chibi Oni – midocchin

PosesANGELICA  Idol Pose Pack  Includes 7 poses.


BackpackGeek @ Genre  Off Grid FPS Pak – green  Includes HUD for retexturing controller and cords.  (current round ends December 12th)


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Let the Madness Begin!

Every country has holidays throughout the year, some get us out of work and others make us remember for better or worse.  Here in the U.S. our big holiday season of the year starts today with Thanksgiving, lots of cooking and family gathering, but that’s only the first act.  Tomorrow will be full of Black Friday sales which consist of waking up at an ungodly hour, somehow driving to whichever store half asleep without killing yourself or others, and then trying to run through the store all rat maze like elbowing and gouging yourself to the best deals.  After that comes Cyber Monday which is a lot safer physically since all the deals are online.  And then there’s finally the main event, Thanksgiving was the dry run, all that shopping done for just this one day, Christmas!


Photos taken @ L’Arc-en-Ciel

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hat + Gloves8f8  Bunny Hat + Bunny Mittens(sold separately)  gacha items

HairAtomic  Macaroon – wild ombres

Eye Patch - Violent Seduction @ Kustom9  Rozen Eyepatch – candy  gacha item

EyesANGELICA @ CosplaySL  Big Anime Eyes – skyblue  Event open through Nov. 30th.

SkinM.Birdie Story  Bongsook Skin 01  Previously at Xiasumi, should be in mainstore soon, gacha item.

BlushANGELICA @ The Liason Collaborative  Cold Outside Blush  Includes 4 colors in light and dark versions.

LipsANGELICA  Dry Lips  Pack includes 7 colors in dark and light versions.

WhiskersWhatever @ The Fantasy Collective  Cat Ear & Whiskers  Includes HUD for coloring, but they’re also mod.


 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

NecklaceBokeh  Trunk Me On Necklace

Vest + Skirt(sold separately) – Go!  Alex Skirt +Vest – 01  Matching turtlenecks are also available.  Male, Alexis version just released.

SweaterVinCue @ Kustom9  Fally+Sweater – candy

BagZenith  Little Sheep Bag  Gacha item and no idea if it’s still available.

TightsIzzie’s  Heart Tights

ShoesThe Secret Store @ Collabor88  Flamel Boots – chalk

PosesANGELICA @ CosplaySL  Idol Pose Pack  Includes 7 poses.

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