Not over yet

The Manga Fair still has a few days so I have some more stuff from there and I grabbed the hair, nails, and popsicle at N-twenty1.  Items at this event will never be sold anywhere again so if you like it buy it before it’s gone FOREVER!

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairPr!tty @ N21  Bayley – ombre

Skin – Dead Apples @ We  <3 RP  Lora - Vampire Edition (bone)

Eyes – Brixley  Divine Eyes – kooky pack

Eye Makeup - S0ng @ Cosmetics Fair  Glitter Glam + Liner/  MOCK  Touch of Magic Eyeshadow – callisto  Group gift (look in past notices), group is $250 to join.

Glassestsg @ Seasons Story  Megane Classic – black

Piercing – HV  Nosejob – ink/frost

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

Ears – The Skinnery  Elongated Puki Ears

Earrings –  Cae @ Serafilms “Godfather II”  Kay Collection  Buy separately or the collection, roses, pearls, and metal are texture change with HUD.

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Chokertsg  Chained Hearts Collar – black

CollarBuzz  Cutey Collars – knitty pretty fatpack RARE  gacha item

Sweater + SkirtNinety @ Manga Fair  Away “Outfit” Panda  Includes sweater and skirt with skirt HUD of 13 colors.

Hands & Feet – SLink

RingW&R  IceCream Rings – 09 RARE  gacha item

Popsicle – Panik @ N21  Kitty Popsicle – reglisse  gacha item

Nail HUD – Quirky @ N21  Friends  Works with Slink hands & feet.


Backpack – Reign @ Manga Fair  Madpack – black

Socks – Pantsu Hunter @ Manga Fair  Joestar Stockings – coal  Includes SLink, Azz, and Wowmeh appliers.

Shoes – Reign @ Manga Fair  Wednesdays – white  Only works with the SLink Flat Feet.

PosesElephante Poses  Rather Be  Two Year Anniversary gift for everyone, set includes 6 poses.  Different gifts also available for sub-o and group members.

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Winding down the month

There were a lot of events this month and I think I eventually got to most of them, man are my feet tired!  If you see anything in this post you want pop over soon since most of these events are ending in a few days!

Photos taken @ Grollwerk Island

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hairlamb @ Hair Fair  Nothing – light blondes  Attaches in two pieces to wear in full, or with your favorite shaved base.  I have to say that although I haven’t bought lamb in awhile since it wasn’t fitting me right once she went to mesh, I absolutely love this hair and this light blondes palette is the best I’ve seen.

TiaraGFD @ Fantasy Room  Ethnic Swirls Tiara – silver  Also available in black and gold, $50.

Skin – Dead Apples @ We  <3 RP  Lora - Vampire Edition (bone)

EyesDead Apples  Sinistre Eyes – horror edition

Eye Makeup - S0ng @ Cosmetics Fair  Glitter Glam + Liner  Includes 6 colors.

Teeth – Shine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

PipeLeonard @ Seasons Story  Bubble Pipe <3 Set  Includes onyx and silver versions.

Ears – The Skinnery  Elongated Puki Ears

Earrings + NecklaceCae @ Serafilms “Godfather II”  Kay Collection  Buy separately or the collection, roses, pearls, and metal are texture change with HUD.

Go!_Cannibelle_C.C. Kre-ations_FocusPoses

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

ChokerBoom  Precious Bow Choker/Collar – marshmellow

DressGo! @ Secret Affair  Cameo – old rose

BraceletsMG  Bangles-Damasc – silver/  League  Wanderer Jewelry Set - black

Hands & Feet – SLink

RingYummy  Winter Flower Set – silver  Includes matching earrings.

Nail HUD – Bella Elephante @ Cosmetics Fair  Miranda’s Bow Darks  Buy for fingernails, toenails, or as a fatpack, a brights palette is also available.

BE - Miranda's Bow Darks

(HUD photo is not mine and links back to the creator’s Flickr.)

TightsCannibelle  Wild Roses Tights  Six colors and SLink applier included, Wowmeh and Azz appliers sold separately.

ShoesC.C. Kre-ations @ Gallery Gift Shop  Papilio – pink (only works with SLink High Feet) Also available in other colors, a lilac pair can be had for free in the Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt on through the end of the month.

PosesFocus Poses  Model 135 *NEW*  Set includes 9 poses.


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I bite

I’m really enjoying this special edition skin tone from Dead Apples, only available during We <3 RP.  I’m showing the bloody mouth version this post because vamps aren’t the only ones you should watch out for.  :P

By the way, if there’s anything you want from OMG! you better be getting it right now, this gacha-gasm closes later today!

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairRunAway  Nicki Hair v2 – blondes

GlassesPanik @ Seasons Story  Flowy Glasses – translucide  Sold in different lens colors and opacities, mod.

Eyeliner – Enchanted Ink(MP)  Maite Eyeliners

Eyes – Brixley  Divine Eyes – kooky pack

Skin – Dead Apples @ We  <3 RP  Lora - Vampire Edition (bone)  Includes dark/light brow and bloody/normal versions.  All appliers are sold in one big box at the event for $25.  This special edition will not be available in the mainstore so if you want it buy it before the end of the month.

Piercing – HV  Nosejob – ink/frost

TeethShine  Vampire Teeth/Demon

Ears – The Skinnery  Elongated Puki Ears


 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Collar – tsg  Lovely Floral Collar – forever

TattooLetis Tattoo  Love & Hate Sleeve  Includes SLink applier.

TankSakide @ OMG!  Florentia Tanks – fatpack RARE  10 single colors available as commons, includes sheer and solid versions.  HURRY!

Arm Straps – no longer available (was a limited item)

Bracelets – no longer available (special offer item)

Hands – SLink

Rings – UtopiaH  My Captive Mesh Rings – silver

Nail HUDBy Snow  Fashionable Black  Includes finger and toenail HUDs, still $1 upstairs I think.

ShortsMaitreya  BF Jeans Shorts – faded

Thigh HighsBabyDoll @ Manga Fair  Tights/Prints – fatpack  Available separately in “kiss” or “leo” prints in cyan, pink, purple, and red.

PoseFocus Poses  Model 133  Includes 9 poses.

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Manga Disco Queen

So, here’s more Manga Fair stuff, a few OMG! items, but somehow I seem to have taken a wrong turn through the 70’s to get here.  :P  As to why I’m on a beach, umm I dunno?  I was running around the Save The Date event and it looked so pretty I needed a photo, yea that’s it!

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HairLcky  Helie – disaster pack

Sleep MaskBubblegoth @ Manga Fair  Kawaii Mask – sunny pika  gacha item

GlassesChary  Jelly Glasses – nassau  Includes lens HUD.

EyesBrixley  Divine Eyes – kooky pack

SkinDead Apples @ We <3 RP  Lora - Vampire Edition (bone)  Includes dark/light brow and bloody/normal versions.  All appliers are sold in one big box at the event for $25.  This special edition will not be available in the mainstore so if you want it buy it before the end of the month.

PiercingHV  Smug – gold/oil

Lips – Dead Apples  Liquid Lipstick – bitten  Loud Mouth appliers sold separately.

Ears – The Skinnery  Elongated Puki Ears

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Choker – Mons  SunCharm Necklace

NecklaceSpellbound @ OMG!  Cookie Necklace – fckin cute pink/yellow  This gacha event ends July 15th.

Bikini Bra – Bubble @ Manga Fair  Ruffle Bikinis – mint  Available in a bunch of colors/patterns.

Tattoo – Cotton Candy Monster  Cute Gone Bad Tattoo

Bracelets – Yumyums  Way Girlie Bracelets  gacha items/  Zzang  Catty Face Bangle – pastel green  gacha item  I have no idea if this store is even still around, couldn’t find an LM.

Hands & Feet – SLink

Rings – Candy Doll @ OMG!  Macaroon Ring/  Atomic @ OMG!  {Kawaii Moon} Ring_Gold – blue

GlovesLuckie  Brattie Gloves  Includes 25 colors in glove layers and an SLink applier.

Nail HUDFigure  Wheel Nails Set  includes finger and toenail HUDs only compatible with SLink.

Skirt – Lethal @ Manga Fair  Clear Skater Skirt – coral  Yes, the plastic/vinyl texture on this looks just that amazing!

Pants/Leggings – Moon Amore @ Manga Fair  “El Pulpo” Pants – cute pack  Packs include wowmeh appliers.

Shoes – C.C. Kre-ations @ We <3 RP  Wooden Platforms – snow  Other colors also available, to be worn with the SLink High Feet.

PosesImeka  Neva


Wings – Panik @ Manga Fair  The Kawaii Wings/The Kawaii Eyes – rose  Two versions available (with/without the eye) in a few colors.

Backpack – NeverWish @ OMG!  Coffin Backpack – orange/pink  gacha item

Thank you so much designers! <33333333333333


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Look to the cuteness!

The Manga Fair is finally open!  So much cuteness, so much color, I LOVE it!  Luckily, I got picked as a blogger and now my inventory looks like a rainbow threw up on it.  :P  Since pretty much every designer made the theme their own there’s something for everyone, cosplay type items, a lot of uber-cuteness, plenty of accessories to go with any look, and even some colorful sexier items.  This event will be open all month so still plenty of time to get those lindens together.

Photos taken @ Imeka

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hair BowSugarMarmite @ Manga Fair  Charmed Bowwie – Bat – black  The bat is texture change, also available in other colors and a “cute” version.

HairSpellbound  Bubsy – unatural ombres & dips

Glasses – Pekka @ Manga Fair  Kawaii Glasses – polka dot  Includes HUD for changing bow color and lens opacity.

EyesS0ng  Circle Eyes – fat pack  Sim re-opening dollarbie, no group to join.

SkinEssences  Jamie  Sim re-opening gift in all tones, free, no group to join!

EyelinerEnchanted Ink(MP)  Maite Eyeliners

LipsDead Apples  Liquid Lipstick – bitten  Loud Mouth appliers sold separately.

PiercingMons  Septum Ring – style 1

Ears – The Skinnery  Puki Ears

EarringsGFD  BrumBrum Earrings – purple & black (sold separately)  gacha item


 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Choker – Mons  SunCharm Necklace

NecklaceYumYums @ OMG!  Plastic Candy – grape cupcake  gacha item

Top + Skirt – EMPORIUM @ Manga Fair  Lavigne Shirt + Skirt  Includes HUD with 6 shirt textures and 10 skirt textures.

TattooCotton Candy Monster  Cute Gone Bad Tattoo

Bracelets/Cuffs – Buttery Toast @ Manga Fair  In The Name Of Cats – purple  Sets include cuffs and matching chokers.

Hands & Feet – SLink

Rings – UtopiaH  My Captive Mesh Rings – silver/  Pekka @ Manga Fair  Heart & Wings Rings  Includes 5 colors and SLink nail HUD (not shown).

Nail HUD – Bella Elephante @ Rhapsody(jazz section)  Piano Man – fatpack  Fingernail and toenail HUDs sold separately or as a fatpack.

BE - Piano Man

(Vendor photo belongs to the creator and links back to her Flickr.)

Backpack – C.C. Kre-ations @ Manga Fair  Moon Bag – snow  Other colors also available.

Thigh Corsets – Forever Young @ Manga Fair  Thigh Corsets – mismatched pastels  Four packs available, includes Azz and Wowmeh applier HUD.

Tights – Cannibelle @ Rhapsody(jazz section)  Shimmy Tights  Includes 4 colors and SLink appliers, all other appliers sold separately.  Open through July 12th.

ShoesNeverWish @ OMG!  Bubble Star – white/pink  These work with and without the SLink flat feet, gacha item.

Cat – Amai @ Manga Fair  Chubby Neko-Walk Me – mint  Available in 6 colors, also available in holdable versions.

Poses – Elephante Poses @ Rhapsody(electronic section)  Bounce  Set includes 6 poses./  Pose used in closeup is no longer available.


 Thank you very much designers! <3333333333333

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Wandering the desert

There are a lot of stores on the Tableau sim, but two weeks ago when I was there I actually took the time to wander around and once you get away from the stores there are some very cool things out there.  I filed all that away hoping I’d remember to come back when I had more of a desert look going on and I think this fit pretty well.

It actually took me a few days to accessorize this Steam Girl dress, new from Go!, I kept throwing things at it, discarding things and throwing more things on until I was satisfied.  I’m also showing stuff from the Thrift Shop and Hello Sunshine Fair so kiss your lindens goodbye!

 Photos taken @ Tableau

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HatBlow-Up @ Thrift Shop  Saint Tropez Hat  Flower, band, and hat are all texture change via drop down menu, would’ve liked a HUD with this instead, but the scripts are still pretty light so you should be ok.

Hair – Tableau Vivant @ Arcade  Longfall Hair – dark dyes /hematite & pink

Skin + LipsAtomic  Innocence – milk/  Innocence Lipstick– set 2  Skin and set of lipsticks sold separately.

GlassesChary @ Hello Sunshine Fair  Fleur Glasses – white  Includes opaque and clear lens versions.

EyesDead Apples @ Mens Dept.  Solar Eyes I – emerald

Piercing – HV  Nosejob – ink/gold(modded)

Ears – The Skinnery  Elongated Puki Ears

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Collar – Pekka  Ring Collar – gold

LingerieSakide  Voulez-vous Outfit – black


TopFnH @ Suicide Dollz  Gypsy Corset Top – black  Includes all kinds of appliers.  Also, if you just want the lacy portion of this top try the mainstore.

DressGo!  Steam Girl – gypsy *NEW*  Male jacket version was also released, other patterns/colors also available.

Bracelets – Violent Seduction @ Hello Sunshine Fair  Floral Cuffs – red

Hands – SLink

Nail HUD – Dark Passions @ Thrift Shop  Koffin Nails – Deal Me In  Only works with SLink, includes finger and toenail HUDs.

Koffin Nails - Deal Me In - Vendor Texture

(Vendor photo belongs to the creator and links back to her Flickr.)

Poses – Eternal Dream @ Thrift Shop  Dramatic 02  Pack includes 6 poses.

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I fought the rainbow and the rainbow won

Sometimes I just need to be surrounded by A LOT of color and cuteness, it’s a need I tell you!

There is so much cuteness available right now (with more coming soon) that I had to try and buy it ALL!  The Arcade is open now and packed with much adorableness.  I also stopped by Chapter Four this morning and found the cutest dress from Atomic there.  Annnnnnnnd there’s even a couple preview items in here from the upcoming 5th edition of the Thrift Shop, which opens June 8th!


 Photos taken @ PIXELS

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

OctopusHalf-Deer @ Arcade  Summer Delights – octonilla

HornsC.C. Kre-ations @ We <3 Roleplay  RavRav Horns V1 – calm  Available in 2 versions, 8 colors each, each color includes silver, gold, and black metal fittings.

HairTableau Vivant @ Arcade  Longfall Hair – pastels/seaweed

Eyebrows – The Skinnery  Natural Brows – set 2 (includes tintable version)

MolesEssences  Included as a tattoo layer with some of her recent skins.

Skin – Atomic  Innocence – milk

Eyes – Half-Deer @ Arcade  Summer Delights – tangerine kanten jelly eyes

Eye PatchBlah  My SweetPatch – yellow/pink

Piercing – HV  Smug – gold/oil

EarsTrap  Short Gelf Ears Pierced

BubblegumPink Fuel  Yum Bubblegum!

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

Flying Pig – Birdy @ Arcade  Storybook Creatures – pigaroo white

Collar – Blah  My Nekomata Collar – special white

Bracelets – Yumyums  Way Girlie Bracelets  gacha items/  Izzie’s  Hair Tie Bracelet

WatchEpic  Kawaii Sweet Goo Watch! – mint  gacha item

RingsYummy @ Arcade  Garden Cocktail Rings/  W&R @ Thrift Shop (opens June 8th)  IceCream – ring 09 RARE  gacha item

Nail HUDSkinnery @ Chapter Four  The Garden Nail Set  Includes Finger and toenail HUDS for SLink.

[theSkinnery] @ The Chapter Four

(HUD photo is not mine and links back to the creator’s Flickr.)

Hands & Feet – SLink


Dress – Atomic @ Chapter Four  Sunday Dress & Purse – blue  Includes matching purse with HUDs for changing collar color and ice cream color.

TailC.C. Kre-ations  Yummy Risu – chocolate tail  Also available in other colors.

StockingsCannibelle  Lace Top Stockings  Includes 6 colors and SLink applier, WowMeh & Azz appliers sold separately.

Sandals – Yumyums @ Thrift Shop  Traditional Geta – dippy sea  Made for the SLink flat foot to match the Pixicat kimonos at the Arcade.  The sea, pink, and purple will be $75 with all other colors being $99.

PosesElephante Poses  So Close #5 RARE (top photo) gacha item/  Elephante Poses @ Fit For a Princess  Once Upon a Dream  Pack includes 6 poses.


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